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Locksmith Lock Store Middletown, OH 513-323-3103You enter an agreement with your tenant that entitles him to use your house for a fixed amount of time for a monthly payment. Sounds like a simple agreement, but many times your tenant does not keep his end of the deal. They may stop paying you rent on time or may stop paying rent altogether. This matter can be solved with dialogue but when all else fails you have to take the final step of evicting him of your property. But how do you do that? You cannot simply force them out of the house using brute force as such an action will lead to legal trouble. The best course of action is to call a locksmith and use their services to complete the eviction. Locksmith Lock Store not only provides eviction services in Middletown, OH but we also help you to beef up the security of your home once a tenant has left the property.

Prevent a retaliation break-in

An eviction is never a pleasant experience neither for the owner nor for the tenant but more so for the tenant. An already stubborn tenant may be further enraged when they are kicked out and may attempt to break into your home when you are not around. To protect yourself from such actions, it is strongly advised to install high-security locks at your home. If you don’t want to replace the locks, then you can go for a cheaper but equally effective option of rekeying the locks on the entry doors. This way even if your ex-tenant has keys to your home, he will not be able to open it because the combination on the lock is not different.

What if the tenant hasn’t left the property?

It is never a good idea to rekey or replace the locks of your home while your tenant is away without following the proper legal procedure. You will end up being in trouble with the authorities and if your tenant ends up taking legal action against you will end up in even more trouble. So how do you evict a tenant without getting into any legal trouble? The best way to do so is by obtaining a legal court order that allows you to evict your tenant legally. Once you have that, simply call Locksmith Lock Store and eviction service team will reach your home to rekey or change the locks

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